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In the following, you will find all entries that can be booked to optimally present your company, products, services, and solutions.

We provide the following media channels:


1. Unternehmenspräsentation

Hier finden Sie Möglichkeiten Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Marken zu präsentieren. Heben Sie Ihr Unternehmen aus dem Wettbewerb hervor.

Hier geht es zur Unternehmenspräsentation


3. Produktpräsentation.jpg

2. Product presentation

Countless visitors are looking for suppliers of a particular product or a special service. These potential clients will use the product directory to research new contacts and business partners that fit their needs.

Increase your chances to get in contact with new customers by presenting your company in the relevant product categories. In the product directory, you can increase visibility by booking a logo in the catalogue or by ordering a top of the list entry so your company appears in one of the top three spots in your most important categories, in order to stick out among your competition.

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3. Display and banner advertisements

Take advantage of the extensive preparation time of visitors and make yourself visible by placing a banner in the online portal. You have a choice between various banner sizes (from Button to Billboard banners) and your message accompanies automatically visitors during their website journey. This makes the most of every budget!

It is also possible to place customized advertisements in the fair app to effectively distribute your message.

You can additionally highlight your online entries in the portal with a video about your company and products or a premium listing.

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4. Digitale Banner.jpg